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Wimmera Hills Winery is a family owned and operated vineyard. Jane and Benjamin Baker began Wimmera Hills Winery in 1997, feeding a passion for high quality wine and an interest in utilizing natural Pyrenees ingredients. Building off of their family owned winery, the Bakers grew Wimmera Hills Winery into a gorgeous venue for visitors as well as an innovative distillery called Mrs Bakers Stillhouse.

What We Do:

Wimmera Hills Winery are not only ideal producers for indulgent beverages, but also an excellent venue for an off-the-beaten-path holiday. This hidden gem in the Pyrenees features opportunities for overnight stays in a cozy self-contained cottage where guests can enjoy gorgeous views on a sun-filled veranda of the region’s local wildlife. Sip a glass of wine and observe mobs of kangaroos, creating a classic Australian tableau.

If wine is the focus, mulled wine in the winter or sparkling shiraz throughout the year will satisfy any wine lover who is a fan of Victorian varieties. All wines from the winery are handpicked from the vine, with loving cultivation in every sip.

More of a foodie? Wimmera Hills Winery have you covered with estate grown and preserved delicacies such as homemade marmalade, quince paste, and shiraz balsamic vinegar.

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Online or farmhouse direct.

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Stonehill, 606 Elmhurst-Glenpatrick Rd, Elmhurst VIC 3469, Australia

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Open throughout the year, café available with booking.


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