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Western Plains Pork is committed to consistently producing, healthy, nutritious pork, using production systems that are simple, ethical, humane and environmentally sound.

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Western Plains Pork believe consistent, high quality products and service result from a long-term commitment to clients, staff, animal welfare and the environment that sustains them all.

Western Plains Pork is located in the cool, temperate grassland plains of Western Victoria, 150 kilometres west of Melbourne between Ballarat and Geelong, Western Plains pigs live in an outdoor bred environment. The sows live outside in small paddocks with ample shelter, water and wallows.
They give birth in insulated huts and the piglets are weaned into special straw-based huts & “eco shelters”.

The pig site is relocated to fresh land in an adjacent location every two years. The old site – enriched with pig manure – is then cropped and allowed to renew itself to its natural balance. This land/crop rotation system helps reduce the incidence of disease and virtually eliminates environmental pollution.

Western Plains Pork source their breeding stock through the Pig Improvement Company (PIC Australia) – a worldwide pig breeding franchise that has developed a pig based on the Large White, Landrace and Duroc breeds. It is the quality of the pigs plus an ethical and humane farming program
that forms the foundation stone of Western Plains Pork quality. Western Plains pigs are among the healthiest pigs in Australia.

Western Plains Pork is produced completely free of artificial growth agents or stimulants. All the stock are fed a diet comprising of wheat and barley naturally grown in the immediate area. This scientifically balanced regime is designed to maintain the animals in excellent health and condition.

Western Plains Pork is fully accredited by the Australian Pork Industry Quality Program and in many areas even exceeds the already high standards set by that body. In Australia approximately 9% only of pigs produced are bred outdoors.

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815 Gumley Rd, Mount Mercer VIC 3352, Australia

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