Springmount Fine Foods

      Who We Are:

Located in the gourmet food region of Daylesford, Springmount Fine Foods is an award-winning artisan food producer, moving onward and upward in production quality and national reputation. Currently only selling at the wholesale level, this producer plans on expanding their network of retailers, chefs, and community partners from the gourmet food world.

A family-run operation, all of the ingredients used at Springmount Fine Foods either come from their property or are sourced locally from the Western Victorian community. This means gourmet food is easily accessible at the community level, giving tasty Western Victorian ingredients back to those who cultivated in the form of amazing meals and condiments.

What We Do:

Springmount Fine Foods is the producer of several gourmet ingredients that you are bound to fall head over heels with, priding themselves on a range of flavoured pearls that add a burst of flavor to any dish. Their famous strawberry pearls go perfectly in champagne while others may complement more savoury notes.

Aside from tangy pearls, Springmount Fine Foods is the go-to source for delicious sauces, vinaigrettes, cheese platters, and a range of condiments. Dressing up any meal is easy with their resources at your disposal.

A fan favourite of the products sold at Springmount Fine Foods is their black garlic—flavourful black garlic aged to perfection after forty days. It is sweet and savoury with complex flavours that garlic lovers instantly fall in love with. It is the perfect addition to any charcuterie board, dessert platter, or gourmet meat.

You can find this producer not only at their wholesale location but at several food and wine festivals throughout the region, engaging with foodies and lovers of all things gourmet.

Our Top 3 Products:

1. Black Garlic
2. Champagne strawberries – Only available for wholesale
3. Smoked garlic pearls – Only available for wholesale


Wholesale, online, Webster’s market and café and a range of stockists mentioned on their website


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Monday 12:00am - 12:00am
Monday 12:00am - 12:00am
Local time 11:01am
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