Who We Are:

The Sher family behind Sher Wagyu create only the best in beef. Since 1991, Nick & Vicki Sher have been producing tender, juicy, flavorful beef for the top restaurants and butcher shops throughout Western Victoria and all over the world.

Nick Sher has put the work into breeding and raising delicious Wagyu, making trips to Japan and studying wagyu genetics, feeding techniques, and methods for raising quality Wagyu cattle. The quality of the cattle & beef is the result of decades of commitment and passion.

Fullblood and Crossbred Wagyu beef is produced out of the Sher family’s company based in Ballan, and on their Victorian and Southern NSW farms. Sustainably & responsibly producing beef all the way from conception to consumer.

What We Do:

If the highest quality Wagyu cattle products are what you are craving, look no further than Sher Wagyu. This is the first place to look for award winning Wagyu beef. Find it in top rated butcher shops in Australia and in countries around the world.

On the Sher properties, cattle are pasture fed until they are aged 18 months and then carefully grain fed for four-hundred days, creating consistent, tender, and delicious Wagyu. Sustainably raised and carefully cultivated cattle make their way from this family owned business to your table, making every bite memorable.

Our Top 3 Products:

1. Black label Striploin MS 8-9
2. Black label Rib Tenderloin MS 8-9
3. Black label Eye of Rump M8-9


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