Who We Are:

Inspired by a desire to improve animal welfare and a passion to produce the highest quality meat, the founders of Provenir have launched a unique product, on-farm processed beef.
Provenir’s unique on-farm processing eliminates live transport and the associated stress, improves animal welfare and produces premium quality beef of exceptional taste, juiciness and tenderness.

What We Do:

In June 2019 Provenir launched Australia’s first mobile, on-farm abattoir, realising a vision to change the Australian red meat industry for the better.
Stress to livestock negatively impacts both animal welfare and meat quality. The founders of Provenir believed the solution was obvious – eliminate the stress associated with live transport by bringing the abattoir to the farm.
Cattle are sourced from carefully selected partnering farmers, who raise their cattle grass-fed in open pastures.
In August 2019 Provenir beef was awarded both a Gold Medal, and Best in Class at the prestigious Australian Food Awards. Judged by a panel of industry experts, the Awards confirm what the founders of Provenir have always believed; that their unique on-farm process is not only good for animal welfare, it also produces exceptional, premium quality beef – juicy, tender and tasty!

Provenir Promise:

• Highest welfare
• Processed on-farm
• Grass-fed and free range
• Exceptional eating quality
• Full traceability and true provenance
• No hormones added, antibiotics or feedlots

Partnering with Eat Drink West, Provenir shares access to their juicy and tasty products including their family meat pack, eye fillet steak, and spicy beet and beef sausages.

Our Top 3 Products:

1. Family meat pack
Perfect for feeding the family, when you order this pack you’ll receive over 9kg of grass-fed, on-farm processed beef delivered to your door. The Provenir Family Pack offers a selection of steaks, artisan cuts, BBQ cuts, roast, sausages and mince beef, to keep everyone in the family happy.
• 6x Steaks
• 2x Artisan Cuts
• 2x BBQ cuts
• 2x 1.2kg Roasts
• 1kg Beef Sausages
• 2.5kg Mince Beef

2. Eye fillet steak
Tasty, tender and juicy. Provenir is processed on-farm, eliminating the stress associated with live animal transport and producing exceptional quality meat.
3. Spicy beet & beef sausages.
Spicy and tasty, Provenir’s spicy beetroot sausages contain 100% natural ingredients with no added preservatives.


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