Who We Are:

At Meredith Dairy we’re passionate about Australian family business, our animals, sustainable farming, and creating beautiful healthy products that taste great.

What We Do:

We produce food sustainably. We grow food, raise animals, produce milk and make accessible, quality dairy products. We will tread lightly on this earth, allowing the environment and our community to flourish.

Our Top Product:

Marinated Goat Cheese. Our signature-sized Marinated Goat Cheese will be the go-to item in your fridge. A delicious snack or accompaniment with practically any dish. Meredith Dairy.

Traditional Greek Sheep Milk Yoghurt. Our Greek yoghurt is made true to tradition, pot set using sheep milk and is pot set. It’s thick, creamy, mild and naturally sweet. It contains beneficial Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Thermophilus cultures. Meredith Dairy. Dairy.


Available nationally in select Independent Supermarkets, Woolworths, Coles and many more.

See our Where to Buy Map here for more details:

Contact info

106 Cameron Rd, Meredith VIC 3333, Australia

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