Who We Are:

GreenEggs is a family-owned, free-range, locally rooted egg producer based out of the Grampians region that delivers to Melbourne and throughout the nearby region.

GreenEggs boasts ethically farmed and sustainably produced eggs that are high in quality. This value, rooted in sustainability, is further deepened by a commitment to the community that GreenEggs demonstrates through their various forms of outreach.

With ethical farming and community membership as keystone values for this producer in 2017 they were awarded top marks for texture and mouth feel, flavour and aroma in the Australian food awards.

The eggs taste good, they are a natural product laid by hens that are free range and engage in natural behaviours such as foraging and scratching, dust bathing and eating worms and bugs.

What We Do:

GreenEggs operates a small local farm in the Grampians region. They focus on ethically farmed and sustainably produced eggs that also are absolutely tasty. Having produced eggs for eighteen years, GreenEggs knows how to foster excellent quality.

GreenEggs produces about 17,000 eggs per week, all collected with the utmost care from the day that they are laid. From there, grade A eggs are sold throughout the community that fosters the farm itself.

Freshness and quality are the most important things, along with the happiness and welfare of the hens and environmental sustainability. GreenEggs are for people who share these values and want to supply the best products for their homes and customers whilst supporting Victorian food producers along the way.

All in all, GreenEggs is an amazing resource for eggs that not only guarantee quality but support a sustainable food network.

Our Top 3 Products:

Only the one!

1. Free range eggs


Wholesale, local farmer’s markets, and stores, or on our website for a list of stockists.

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