Who We Are:

321 Cider is a family-owned, boutique cidery that is based in the small town of Learmonth, Victoria. They operate at the intersection of family values, sustainable production, and fresh flavours. Pop by their cellar door at the gorgeous Café Sidra for a unique taste—fresh, tangy cider, enriched by the fertile volcanic soil of Learmonth. Traditional ciders take on a delicious twist with distinctly Western Victorian flavour profiles.

A 321 Cider experience not only encompasses delicious, crisp cider tastings, but also access to local produce, wine, and community events. 321 Cider intends to share delicious cider that will delight those who taste it.

What We Do:

Coming from a family business background, 321 Cider creates every batch of their brew from apples grown on the family farm. 321 Cider uses local resources and ingredients to enhance three very different cider products. With sustainably at the forefront of the process, 321 is moving towards completing the cycle from production to local manufacturing by creating the Learmonth Cider Hub right in the heart of Learmonth.

Over the years, 321 Cider has cultivated a reputation as one of the best cider producers in Australia, winning a number of awards. That means they are the place to go to for sparkling and still ciders from a range of flavour profiles.

With opportunities for tasting and purchase at Café Sidra, 321 Cider lends itself perfectly to special events like weddings and parties, as well as beautiful café settings, sipping cider alongside local wine, delicious home style food, and coffee selections.

Whether looking for a sweet fix or a refreshing way to reinvigorate your day, 321 Cider at Café Sidra is the perfect place to start.

Our Top 3 Products:

1. Method Traditionelle Cuvee – The Cuvée is the flagship cider of 321. Made from a choice selection of heritage cider apples grown on the slopes of Mt weatherboard, the Cuvée is a very special cider. Bottle fermented, wonderfully sparkling, light as a feather and great for a special occasion
2. 321 Traditional – The 321 Traditional is a still cider that captures the depth and warmth of the heritage cider apples. Sharing a bottle over lunch takes your tastebuds on culinary stroll in the orchard.
3. 321 Heritage – 321 Heritage is a treat for cider drinkers new and old. Lightly carbonated and delicately sweetened with desert fruit this cider has a huge appeal and has swooned many with their first mouthful. The Heritage as it’s name suggest is made predominantly heritage cider apples and is the new kid on the block at 321 Cider.


In store at Café Sidra, Learmonth or online.

Contact info

321 High St, Learmonth VIC 3352, Australia

Open now
Monday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday Closed
Local time 6:46pm
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