Take away.
Sourdough and Artisan breads, croissants and pastries, toasted sandwiches and lunch options.
Hellbilly roasting coffee still going strong. Order and pay over phone or via Skip.

Find Our Menu:

For now, on Skip.

Opening Hours:

At this stage depending on upcoming decisions:
Daily: 7:00am – 3:00pm

Do you have ready made meals, how do we find this menu?

We are working with The Forge closely and you will find our products on each other’s shelves outside of respective opening hours.

Do you have a delivery option, what method is it (how do people order online)?

Not at the moment.

Can you order that day? Can you pre-order quantities and what is this time-frame?

Pre-orders are great for bread as we can prepare more or specific varieties if we know the order prior to the day.

Is the menu clear for dietary requirements and can consumers make special requests to menu items? (i.e no onion)

All of our menu items are labeled and pre-made on site. We can’t change to much for dietary requirements unless it’s a pre-order.

Contact info

18 Armstrong Street North, Ballarat Central VIC, Australia

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