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How Our Directory Works

How It Works…

So, how does this work out in a practical way? We start from the base idea that everything else grows from: Eat Drink West is a directory for all of our partner producers based across Western Victoria. If someone is looking for anything from an ingredient to a farm, our network is available to lend direction. In building this platform, we link local producers from all backgrounds & business sizes to chefs, restaurant owners, sommeliers & curious hobby connoisseurs.
Instead of using a phone or an impersonal email exchange, platform users have the ability to use Eat Drink West’s online portal to search for ingredients, produce & resources through one easy database. It not only orients the user with the producer, but it also introduces opportunities that allow the user to exchange information & ideas with the source.
If someone likes what they ate in a restaurant, Eat Drink West gives them the ability to research for themselves; the ingredients & entire food journey becomes accessible with a short series of clicks. By dedicating our efforts to our functional, constantly updated website, we engage users through a myriad of outreach tools, delving deeper through intentional storytelling. These stories connect consumers on a community & personal level to the people that produce their food, developing a stronger relationship between the two parties over time.
It’s simultaneously convenient, educational, savvy & forward-thinking. Eat Drink West is easy to be a part of, yet innovative to its core.

Review Your Produce List

Have your list of ingredients ready to search on the Eat Drink West platform. Produce can be searched via name, category or region.

Search For Produce

Once you’ve settled on your list, search for each produce item, find what's on offer and where it's located and... voila!

Connect & Coordinate

The only thing left to do now is to connect with the producer directly. View each producer listing to contact them via phone or email.

Adding a listing as a producer.

If you would like to become part of our extensive regional producer’s network, please get in touch to discuss options. We offer packages to suit your individual business needs.

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